Since 2018 we have been automating irrigation commercially utilising our tried and tested sensing and logging hardware.

Based on soil moisture sensor data and using M2M signals to trigger irrigation cycles, the system is simple to operate, reliable and robust. Irrigation set points can be set via our Substrate Vision online software and allow up to three separate irrigation points during a single day to meet the crops requirements. Wireless connection between field and irrigation controller make distances and obstacles no problem for establishing the connection.

The system can operate with different combinations of sensors - Sentek Drill & Drop 90cm, 60cm, 30cm single point and Delta-T Wet 150 which allows great flexibility in monitoring soil grown crop or different sized bags or pots for soft fruit.

Our clients have shown savings in management time, meeting crop water requirements better during times of changeable weather and often increasing quality/yield.

We continue to develop the system, to add more online control and functionality.

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Irrigation Automation

The different moisture thresholds on the automated irrigation helped reduce issues such as Cladisporium and soft berries.

Salih Hodzhov
W B Chambers Farms Ltd

Irrigation Automation
Irrigation Automation


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