For the last 30 years, Sentek has been improving upon their probe installation techniques which provide undisturbed soil profile data for installations in a wide range of soil types. The undisturbed installation is a key reason we work with Sentek. It ensures that we are monitoring the exact same soil structure as the surrounding field and not an area that has been disturbed, which could infiltrate water differently and effect the rooting.

Their most recent probe, the Drill-and-Drop, is available in lengths from 10 to 120cm, and has a unique tapered profile. Using a custom soil auger, their renowned undisturbed soil profile method is now combined with an unprecedented ease of installation.

Site selection in critical to good data, as this must provide a good representation of the entire growing area you wish to manage from the probe. Local knowledge, site surveys (soil scanning etc) and our experience combined ensure the data can be extrapolated over the cropped area.

As part of our standard service, our experienced team we will carry out all installations, making sure equipment is functioning correctly and that the readings are true to field conditions. We take great care to leave the installation site looking unmarked, so the crop can grow in the same conditions as the rest of the field.

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My growing team use them as one of their most important management tools every day when planning irrigation for the day or week ahead.

James Foskett
James Foskett Farms, Suffolk


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