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The coir copilot is a complete package for monitoring substrate grown crops, with the option of automating irrigation. The coir copilot connects to our cloud-based substrate vison software to enable irrigation decisions to be made from anywhere at any time.

Coir copilot brings together the most commonly used measurements into a single system. Moisture monitoring is carried out using either Delta T Wet 150 sensors or Sentek sensors to give accurate and repeatable moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity measurements. This package can measure the volume of water applied and run off for entire runs of bags, with the option of EC and pH measurements in both applied water and runoff.

The coir copilot is built on our copilot hub platform, allowing simple upgrades with the addition of new sensors (light, temperature etc). The station is self-powered via a solar panel (mains option available) and transmits data to the web via the mobile phone network.

Automated irrigation can be achieved via our cost-effective integration, enabling cable free automation with your existing irrigation controller.

Data can be viewed via Substrate Vision in a range of near real-time graphs, gauges and simple dashboard summaries. Automated irrigation threshold levels and temperature alerting can be managed remotely. Tools are available for weekly and monthly summary climate data, growing degree hours and chill hours.


The Coir Copilot is the ideal unit for the following applications:

  • Irrigation scheduling, Automation & substrate management
    • Soft fruit
    • Pot, trough and bag grown crops
  • Automate irrigation
  • Measure daily water use
  • Wetting efficiency
  • Run off percentage

What is fitted to the unit?

Copilot Hub

Delta-T Wet 150 sensor
(Moisture Probe Option 1)

Sentek single point sensor
(Moisture Probe Option 2)

Irrigation applied volume (meter)

Runoff volume (whole trough meter or tipping spoon)

pH & EC in solution Applied & Runoff

(Additional climate sensor options available)

Viewing your data is easy with

Substrate Vision is our very own platform for viewing your data in near real-time. Quickly see an overview of all your systems in one place with the various summary dashboards or delve into the detail with a range of graphs for comparison of multiple sensors. We offer data access via a secured web browser and viewable on any mobile device with Internet connection, also with options for text message alerts.


Substrate vison dashboard showing available moisture in the grower configurable target range and live % runoff for the current day

Data can be downloaded into a CSV file

48 hr view with average moisture level / applied cycles in blue / runoff in red

Each view is customisable so you can see just the data you want to focus on eg Air temp / substrate temp

Hover over a point and view the detail

So, why choose the Coir copilot IRRIGATION MONITORING SYSTEM?

Real-time data

Secure website

Long term records

Proven technology


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