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Substrate Vision is a cloud based platform designed for precision irrigation management in substrate grown crops. This has been developed through collaboration with growers and advisors, giving key information to allow informed irrigation decisions to be made and automated.

Simple fuel gauge views and overview summaries enable quick decision making, whilst the main reports allow comparison of multiple sensors for more detailed analysis.

We can offer multiple users per account, giving access to data with varying levels of permissions. This makes it easy to keep all farm personnel aware of irrigation operations with view only access and give managers full access to view data and change settings across multiple sites.

Automated irrigation threshold levels and temperature alerting can be managed remotely.

Tools are available for weekly and monthly summary climate data, growing degree hours and chill hours.

What can I view & control?

  • All data from the Coir CoPilot, Runoff CoPilot & Climate CoPilot
  • Set full stress
  • Set Irrigation trigger lines
  • Set alarm thresholds for temp and moisture- configure recipient phone numbers
  • Automate irrigation with three configurable set points to ensure you meet crop demands throughout the day

Viewing your data is easy with

Data can be viewed via Substrate Vision in a range of near real-time graphs, gauges and simple dashboard summaries. This gives a clear break down of information across any of your preferred media devices; mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. The system can even be setup to send automated daily emails to any email address of your choice, giving you the ability to view your data wherever and whenever you need it.

Substrate vison dashboard showing available moisture (Fuel gauge) in the grower configurable target range and live % runoff for the current day

Each view is customisable so you can see just the data you want to focus on eg Air temp / substrate temp

48 hr view with average moisture level / applied cycles in blue / runoff in red

Hover over a point and view the detail

So, why choose the field copilot IRRIGATION MONITORING SYSTEM?

Compare all data together- interactions with applied and run off

View EC & pH

Overview - fuel gauge and key stats

View all option for more detailed view

Open API


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