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The soil copilot is part of a complete package, combining accurate soil moisture with intuitive web based software (IrriMAX Live). Irrigation management decisions can be made from anywhere at any time.

The Sentek Drill and Drop probe utilises an undisturbed installation method, ensuring we monitor the exact same soil structure as the surrounding field and not an area that has been disturbed, which could infiltrate water differently and effect rooting.

The soil copilot is built on our copilot hub platform, allowing upgrades with the addition of new sensors or even automating irrigation. The station is self powered via a solar panel and transmits data to the web via the mobile phone network.

Data can be viewed with IrriMAX Live in a range of near real-time graphs, gauges, lists and maps. Satellite (NDVI) and local weather data forecasts can be included to aid decision making. Tools are available for quick decision making but also detailed analysis for when time allows.


The Soil Copilot is the ideal unit for the following applications:

  • Irrigation scheduling
    • Vegetable crops
    • Salad crops
    • Herbs
    • Arable crops
    • Vineyards
    • Soil grown soft fruit
    • Topfruit
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Research

What is fitted to the unit?

Copilot Hub

Sentek Drill and Drop Soil Moisture Probe

(Additional climate sensor options available)

Viewing your data is easy with
IrriMAX Live software
by Sentek Technologies

To enable you to view your Field Copilot data we use IrriMAX Live software by Sentek Technologies, allowing near real-time monitoring of water use for precision irrigation management.

This gives a clear break down of information with a range of viewing options including maps, graphs, gauges and lists. Data can be viewed across any of your preferred media devices; mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, giving you the ability to view your data wherever and whenever you need it.

IrriMAX graph

Irrigation Analysis

Daily Water Usage

Root Analysis

So, why choose the field copilot IRRIGATION MONITORING SYSTEM?

Real-time data

Secure website

Long term records

Proven technology

Undisturbed installation

Soil profile readings every 10cm

Track roots

Measure daily water use

Depth of irrigation


Infiltration rate

Measure effective rainfall & irrigation


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